Aging Like Fine Wine

Welcome to the FineWiner blog forum. This blog is about aging in a positive and productive manner.

This blog is a resource and forum for people who are intent on aging like a fine cabernet rather than turning into a bottle of cheap vinegar.

This is a digital community for people who are weary of whining about aging. Certainly there can be plenty to whine about, as we get older. After all, we all will eventually die. My intention with this forum is to be real, not Pollyannaish and drunk with denial. Conversely, this blog is for people who prefer to view their limitations as challenges......READ MORE

Dr. Timothy D. Berry

Latest Stories & Articles

Fallen Leaves

When I was a kid in Terre Haute, Indiana, fall meant raking leaves. It was the only yard work I enjo......... more »

Where Are We Going ….?

"Ah, give me the good old days when we didn't have all this stress and worry". OK, let's go back ......... more »

Cloud Gazing

So, how long has it been since you took time to gaze at the clouds? No, I don’t mean sticking your......... more »

Getting Old Without Getting Older

We all need role models. Some people out there are doing it right. It was the Christmas of 1969, ......... more »

For the Change Averse

Since the name of my psychology practice is the Center for Positive Change, one might get the idea t......... more »

Board Games and Activities Offer Occasions for Writing

In All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten, Robert Fulghum writes about hiding in a pi......... more »

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