By some standards, I am old, but by others, I am young. I was born in Ontario, California, in 1947. I grew up loving to rambunctiously ride my bicycle around the neighborhood, playing very sophisticated games of hide-and-seek, climbing our neighbor’s trees, and running barefooted most of the summer.

I have loved living in California (South & North), Puerto Rico, Montana, Michigan, Massachusetts, Washington, and Montana again.

Jane and I have been married since 1969. We have three daughters and two grandchildren. We also now have a Golden Retriever named Poppy.

I love to travel but have way more of the world to visit than I have the time or money to do so. Living in Missoula, Montana, is an absolute treat. I love our vibrant town and the many music, food, and art venues.

I am extremely passionate about fishing. While living in Washington, I enjoyed saltwater fishing for salmon and crab. However, fly-fishing for trout in freshwater is my greatest passion. I had been a fly-fishing guide for about 20 years in California and Washington. Living in the Missoula area is a fly-fishing extravaganza with hundreds of miles of pristine trout water.

By work, I am a clinical and consulting psychologist. By way of education, I hold two master’s and two doctoral degrees. I have connected with hundreds of people who have an interesting relationship with aging in my busy practice. I have found that while many people hate and try to deny aging, others embrace it and truly thrive. Empty nesting, retirement, marital complexities, family-business succession concerns, and end of life matters are all part of what I encounter almost every day in my practice.

I love how some people, who are headed in a negative direction with aging, end up turning their lives around and indeed find meaning. My heroes in aging are those who purposefully and powerfully make the last quarter of their life the most positive.

By nature, I am inquisitive about many things. As such, I am now curious about how you and others can age positively…whether you are in your 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s…and beyond! I am fascinated by why some people start another career upon retirement while others become bored and virtually quit living productive lives. I am interested in you and your thoughts. I am interested in your story.

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