Aging Like Fine Wine

Welcome to the FineWiner blog forum. This blog is about aging in a positive and productive manner.

This blog is a resource and forum for people who are intent on aging like a fine cabernet rather than turning into a bottle of cheap vinegar.

This is a digital community for people who are weary of whining about aging. Certainly there can be plenty to whine about, as we get older. After all, we all will eventually die. My intention with this forum is to be real, not Pollyannaish and drunk with denial. Conversely, this blog is for people who prefer to view their limitations as challenges......READ MORE

Dr. Timothy D. Berry

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The 3rd Annual FoodAbout

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The Unexpected

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Game of Thrones & Donuts

I am not a subscriber to HBO and had therefore never watched the epic and highly celebrated series G......... more »

Ask Dr. Tim: “I would like to push him in front of a freight train!”

Q I am a 53-year-old single mother with a 23-year-old son. I continue to struggle in therapy with t......... more »

Building Bridges

A story from my college days. I came back from lunch with some friends one day in January 1981 and f......... more »

Just Own-Up

You want to gain respect and higher standing? Just apologize when you mess up. It is so simple but s......... more »

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