Aging Like Fine Wine

Timcastingaction 2Welcome to the FineWiner blog forum. This blog is about aging in a positive and productive manner.

This blog is a resource and forum for people who are intent on aging like a fine cabernet rather than turning into a bottle of cheap vinegar.

This is a digital community for people who are weary of whining about aging. Certainly there can be plenty to whine about, as we get older. After all, we all will eventually die. My intention with this forum is to be real, not Pollyannaish and drunk with denial. Conversely, this blog is for people who prefer to view their limitations as challenges rather than becoming defined by them.

This is a site for those who love life and want to squeeze every possible ounce of joy and meaning out of their time here on earth. And when that time is finished, we are also interested in leaving this world just a little bit better than how we found it. Paying it forward is a common experience to many of us.

While I expect to provide the majority of posts, my intention is for this to be a forum on positive aging. Whether you are an occasional visitor to the blog, or a regular, you are encouraged to participate in the conversation. As a forum, my hope is that you will post significant comments, observations, questions, and information from your own life’s perspectives.

Many of us are looking for the most productive ways to navigate this aging process. Some approaches are quite brilliant. Others are lagging. My hope is that you are willing to share your “secrets to success”? All aspects of the mind-body-spirit-social connection are important here. Any insights or questions you have in these areas are important to the rest of us.

I will typically post at least weekly. To make sure you don’t miss our newest posts, you can subscribe via RSS or email. In full disclosure,I also accept a limited amount of advertising.

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  1. Jay Aitken:

    Thank you Dr. Berry!
    Such Inspirational articles from wonderful writers!
    I’m grateful!

  2. Terry Hansen:

    Hi Tim,
    This looks like a worthy endeavor. I’ll follow with interest.