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How Do I Activate My Inner Core?

In my daily practice as a Physical Therapist, I spend considerable time teaching patients "inner core exercises". In this article, I hope to share this concept with you. If you haven't read my two prior core articles, it may be helpful to review them before reading this entry. They cover key concepts including the comp......... more »

WELLNESS TIPS: Avoiding Temptation Over the Holidays

Between holiday parties, family feasts, and gift baskets, it is really difficult to avoid temptation over the holidays. It seems like chocolate and cookies and treats are everywhere. There is a tendency to think that a little treat here and there won’t hurt and that you can just shed whatever weight you gain in Janua......... more »

Oh To Be Young Again!

You’ve thought of it too, I know you have. “Man, wouldn't it be great to know what I know now – and have the body of a 20-something!” More often than I care to admit, I have found myself introspectively thinking of myself as a 30 something, only to look in the bathroom mirror of a morning, and wonder, “Who th......... more »