The 3rd Annual FoodAbout

One of the aspects of positive aging is to be less constrained by convention. It was a few weeks ago that my wife and I, as well as another couple,  participated in what I call The 3rd Annual FoodAbout. I highly recommend at least some variation of this for all who are interested in positive aging. This is the thir......... more »

The Anthropology of Aging: Biking Across Kansas

“Miles later and the heat is just ferocious. Sunglasses and goggles are not enough for this glare. You need a welder’s mask.” Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance (1974) by Robert M. Pirsig.   In our culture, as we grow older the process of negotiating transitions with ourselves and others is a cons......... more »

Fitbits On the Amazon

I was reminded of the importance of daily exercise when I read the article titled "Heart Healthy on the Amazon" (NY Times, April 6, 2017). An article by the Times regular writer on fitness Gretchen Reynolds summarized an anthropological study of the Tsimane people, a group of subsistence hunters and farmers living deep......... more »

How Do I Activate My Inner Core?

In my daily practice as a Physical Therapist, I spend considerable time teaching patients "inner core exercises". In this article, I hope to share this concept with you. If you haven't read my two prior core articles, it may be helpful to review them before reading this entry. They cover key concepts including the comp......... more »

WELLNESS TIPS: What To Do in the Off Season to Maintain Focus

I admit it, I struggle to maintain my focus in the off season. I love racing and participating in events during the summer, but more than once last summer, it occurred to me that I could run faster or cycle longer if only I had worked harder in January or February. Here are a few tips to help you stay motivated in t......... more »

Core Part II

Low back pain is an epidemic in our modern day society. In 1 year, 36% of our population will suffer an episode of back pain.   Low back pain is the most common reason for general activity limitations and work absences in most of the world. The economic effects of low back pain are immense. And unfortunately, low bac......... more »

What is My Core Anyway?

As a Physical Therapist, it's great to hear how many of my patients refer to working on their "core". My next question is usually, "what specifically do you do for your core ". The usual response is,"well, I do planks, sit ups, and that back extension machine." Don't get me wrong, I am so glad my patients spend any ......... more »