Food & Nutrition

Goal-Setting and Emotions

Thanking about setting some goals for this year? Psychologists have learned that how we describe a goal actually influences the emotional experience of pursuing that goal. Specifically, they have identified three types of personal goals we humans set, and discovered that each goal type has its own emotional profile. ......... more »

Hey Sweetie…

We have all hear it. We all know that added sugars and syrups fuel obesity, trigger excess insulin secretion and boost inflammation, elevate triglycerides and cause cardio woes. But as our ole friends Drs. Oz and Roizen explain, they can also increase our risk for mental health. Roizen and Oz drew our attention t......... more »

WELLNESS TIPS: Avoiding Temptation Over the Holidays

Between holiday parties, family feasts, and gift baskets, it is really difficult to avoid temptation over the holidays. It seems like chocolate and cookies and treats are everywhere. There is a tendency to think that a little treat here and there won’t hurt and that you can just shed whatever weight you gain in Janua......... more »

Sunshine is Healthy!

I just came in from deliberately spending time outdoors in the summer midday sun, wearing skimpy clothes with no sunscreen. And I have pale, freckled skin and a family history of skin cancer. I know that some of you are saying, “Are you kidding? This can’t be healthy!” And yet, my careful review of health rese......... more »


Surprising Information I love artichokes, but until recently I assumed that, with their pale drab green color, they weren’t particularly healthy. Mostly I thought of them as an excuse for eating melted butter or mayonnaise. But I have learned from a book by Jo Robinson that artichokes are one of our healthiest ve......... more »