Mind-Body Connection

How Do I Activate My Inner Core?

In my daily practice as a Physical Therapist, I spend considerable time teaching patients "inner core exercises". In this article, I hope to share this concept with you. If you haven't read my two prior core articles, it may be helpful to review them before reading this entry. They cover key concepts including the comp......... more »

Men and Loneliness

For many years, my clinical psychology practice served only men, sometimes with a woman in their lives. One glaring vulnerability often appeared in my conversations with older men. Men at midlife and beyond are often profoundly lonely.  Isolated.  Here is a typical conversation while getting acquainted with a man in ......... more »

It’s SAD Time, Are You Ready?

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a phenomenon that many people, especially in the Northland are all too familiar with. While I, as a clinical psychologist, see many “seniors” who experience SAD the fact is that the characteristic onset is 18-30 years. Women typically experience SAD more than men. Latitude ap......... more »