Ask Dr. Tim: My older brother has always been “out there”..

Ask Dr. Tim: My older brother has always been “out there”..


I have two adult siblings. My older brother has always been “out there” when it comes to fitting into society. He is part hippy, part pothead, part intellect, and part narcissist. Frankly I have not enjoyed being around him for many years now. He has lived several states away and that has been just fine with me. I don’t really know why, but recently I decided to take my 12-year-old son to visit his uncle. The “problem” is that I actually enjoyed my visit with my brother. On our drive home I had to admit to myself that in some ways…he might have gotten it right. My fast-paced life in the business world has provided me with a lot of material goods. But that was recently placed in perspective when my ex-wife got half my income in the divorce. Hard come…easy go! Have I lost my perspective?



Dear Jackson:

Have you lost your perspective? Well perhaps. I guess it depends on your primary goal in life. Certainly your business life will call for “more”. When is “more” actually “enough”? Without knowing your brother, I of course cannot know if he has been happy and fulfilled or not…no matter what his lifestyle has been. I do not believe happiness can be measured in dollars…one-way or the other. I know people who pride themselves in having a lot of money and others in having very little money. Perhaps what you most got in touch with on this trip was your willingness to question your status quo. That process may be priceless.

Dr. Tim

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