Stress Management

Living in the Sweet Spot

In most athletic endeavors, there is a point of activity often known as “the sweet spot.” In tennis, it is when the ball strikes the most effective part of the racket. In baseball, it is when the ball connects to the strongest part of the bat. The phenomena are similar in golf as well as fly-casting.   Being in ......... more »

Sticky Fingers

The character of your existence is determined by the energies to which you connect yourself.   (Hua Hu Ching: The Unknown Teachings of Lao Tzu, Chapter 24)   Back in ‘17 Way back, long, long, ago…in 2017 it seemed that most people I came in contact with were desperately trying to hold on to something st......... more »

On “Going to Hell in a Hand Basket”

Three of my friends suffered much in the last year: one woman grieved the unexpected loss of a spouse of several decades; another suffered permanent disability in a bicycle accident; and a physically active, heath-conscious man was hit with a severe medical diagnosis. Although very painful and life changing, these e......... more »

Yep It Has Been a Perfect Day…For Me

This fourth day of our vacation to the Grand Tetons in Wyoming started out pretty much like the other three preceding it. But as Jane and I were sleeping in our trailer, I was gently awakened by pressure on my leg at 6:00 a.m. As I peered down to the bottom of the bed I saw the big brown eyes of our golden retriever Po......... more »

Dealing With Anxiety…Naturally

How Much Is Too Much? Anxiety is part of life -- we all feel it from time to time. In fact we would be in trouble if we felt no anxiety whatsoever. However, the majority of we Americans deal with anxiety either in ineffective ways or get hooked on powerful and addictive medications/substances. Once hooked, many report......... more »

An Oscillating Fan is Better Than a Roller Coaster

I am a plaintiff’s personal injury lawyer. I sue insurance companies, corporations, individuals, and the government when their reckless, careless, or even intentional, actions harm people. Accusing people of wrongdoing creates tension and discomfort. People (and organizations) don’t like to be held accountable for ......... more »

Our Brain on Stress

Brains don’t like negative stress, so says the authors of a study, which was reported in the December 2014, edition of Psychology and Aging. The authors expected to find an association between so called cognitive decline and everyday memory problems being exacerbated by stress. One hundred and twelve people were s......... more »

To Life!

In “Fiddler on the Roof,” Tevye and Lazar Wolf joyously celebrate their agreement on Lazar’s engagement to Tzeitel by toasting, “L’Chaim”—“To Life!” Their duet goes on to playfully contrast the joys and sorrows of life, with the repeated exclamation that despite the times of confusion, sadness, or ......... more »

Breathe In…Breathe Out…

Might this be a good time to remind you to be mindful of your level of stress and how it might be affecting your health? A little stress, like a little inflammation, is a good thing, giving us the energy to do what needs to be done. But too much, for too long, definitely takes its toll on our bodies. The hormones of......... more »

The Two Darts

Phil and James have been frat brothers for the past two years. This particular warm Sunday afternoon was providing relative boredom for both of them. Being hot and muggy both guys were stripped down to only in their gym shorts all day. About 3:00PM they decided to go down to the basement to play darts and have a few......... more »

911 Mindfulness

On this 15th anniversary of 9/11, my mind has been wandering back to where I was when I first heard about the attacks. I remember that I was driving to work in San Rafael California. I remember the shock and the cloud of disbelief that followed me around that day. I'm sure many of you can remember the details of your d......... more »

The Orlando Shootings and Our Heartaches

This morning we all were hit by the terrible news of the Orlando shootings. It can be hard to know how to handle the slew of emotions that arise in response to such a tragedy. It's normal to feel angry and sad when we see such a high level of hate in our world. In addition, with a crime such as this, we can feel a mult......... more »

The Relaxation Response and Anti-Aging

Our societal obsession with staying young has sent a strong message that aging is not okay. As a result, many individuals find themselves in a constant search for the product or method that will slow the inevitable aging process. All of this is not necessary, for our bodies have a built-in system for counteracting stre......... more »