If I Only Knew Then…

If I Only Knew Then…

It is within my body, and having been set in motion, remains alive in me.

I have an almost do-or-die obsession to have outlets for my playfulness and discovering the territories of resiliency, adaptability, and movement.

With a liberated emotional intelligence, I can now lead with my heart.

With a sharp eye that is finely tuned to the unexpected, I can engage with the miraculous that is contained in every minute of every day.

With a compassionate understanding about love, equivalence, and consent, I can now move in the current of others.

I didn’t understand this as an 18 year-old entering adult-hood.

IF I only knew THEN what I know NOW.

What does it feel like when I am not resilient or when I don’t understand how to be adaptable? Becoming an adult involved knowing my own answers to that question.

Looking now within my 60 year-old body, I realize I am entering elder-hood, and can only wonder what untold stories will unfold in my life.

In the future when I look back at this time in my life of entering elder-hood, what will I laugh and cry about as something “IF I only knew THEN what I know NOW.”

What’s set in motion and alive in your body?


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