Ask Dr. Tim: I realize I am Pretty perfectionistic…

Ask Dr. Tim: I realize I am Pretty perfectionistic…

Q: I realize that I am pretty perfectionistic…as was my mother, and her mother. Is this genetic?


A: Since I am not a geneticist I am unaware of an exact “perfectionism gene”…but it actually would not surprise me. It would certainly be appropriate to consider perfectionism as a “trait”. While traits can be transferred via behavioral modeling, there is likely at least some level of a genetic component. Hopefully one of our readers is a geneticist and can enlighten the discussion.

Cathy, a question I have for you is in response to your perfectionism. Do you see it as a positive or negative factor? I have known people who love perfectionism in themselves, while others hate it. Is your perfectionism able to help you perform at peak levels? Or, does your perfectionism drive you and those around you “nuts”?

Dr. Tim

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