Ask Dr. Tim: …my wife is messing with my mind.

Ask Dr. Tim: …my wife is messing with my mind.


I am convinced my wife is messing with my mind. For example, if I ask her to do something and she agrees, she will often not follow through. When I question her, she says I never asked her. That is just one of many such examples of her behavior. Sometimes I feel like I am loosing it. I know we have had an understanding on a topic but she is an expert at spinning the situation. I assume she is doing this on purpose but perhaps not?




Dear Spinning:

You didn’t mention her age. If she in her “later years” she could be showing signs of cognitive decline. If she is not in decline (at what ever age) she could be participating in something called “gaslighting”. The concept is taken from a 1944 movie staring Ingrid Bergman who is almost driven to insanity by her conniving new husband. In the movie the husband’s intention was criminal and financial. It sounds like your situation lacks that motivation. Pop some corn and see if the movie fits.

Dr. Tim

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